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Land of the Free Because of You and Me
Through the years, there have been stigmas that have arisen between the military and its veterans and the civilian work force. The extreme sides of these stigmas are that the military sees civilians as lazy and sloppy while civilians see the military as crazed baby killers. This, however, is not reality. There have been attempts, however unsuccessful, to help break down the barriers between these two sectors. The Land of the Free Because of You and Me movement will not only break down the walls, but will also create a solitary sector in which military members and veterans are members of the civilian population and the civilian population is wholly comprised of military members and veterans. Through the institution of compulsory military service, there will not only be a combined sense of civility, but there will also be a greater sense of nationalism, where the citizens of the United States of America all honor and respect their country.
Land of the Free Because of You and Me has the potential to do wonderful things for our country. This movement can bring together different races, cultures, ethnicities of people and also bring together citizen and immigrant. By creating a common ground for all people of America to stand on, solidarity can be created amongst everyone who lives in this country. This movement will give everyone in America a chance to learn skills that an education alone cannot give them. Implementation of this movement will be difficult and painstaking; however, the rewards that will be received far outweigh the difficulty. The right preparation, and the backing of the general masses, will help to lessen this difficult transition. Not only will generations of Americans benefit from this, but American business will as well. By providing an entire work force of skilled employees, businesses will be able to provide the best services and products they have ever offered.
The mission of Land of the Free Because of You and Me is very simple:
To enlist the services of our youthful men and women to protect our country and everything that it stands for through their service in the United States Armed Services. Their service will ensure that there is never a gap in the protection of our soils or interests and that their freedoms and the freedoms of their grandchildren are protected.
By fulfilling this mission, every man and woman in the country will have earned their freedoms, and ensured that these freedoms go unchallenged for generations to come. Currently, if people do not want to protect these freedoms, then there will be no protection offered. By instituting compulsory military service, we guarantee that there will always be someone on guard, watching and protecting our way of life.
By successfully achieving these goals, we envision America as a better, freer country. Our vision for the future of this land and its citizens is:
To provide our youth and future generations of youth with the skills needed to succeed in society, at work, and at life while serving and protecting the common good of our nation and our nation's allies.
Education is not enough to prepare our youth for the cruelties and hardships of adult life. With our countries education system slipping behind from the rest of the world, our government needs to take action. The skills that our youth learn from military service will help bridge the gap of our lacking education system and the rest of the world. The skills that the military will provide cannot be taught in schools, and Land of the Free Because of You and Me looks to provide these skills to every citizen in our country, making them better prepared for a successful life.
There are four phases to ensuring the success of this mission. Phase one is corporate backing, phase two is educating the public, phase three is support from the local government, and the fourth phase is an all out juggernaut aimed at the federal government. The first phase is the