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Alexandria Landers
Dr. Browning
ENC 1102
1 April 2015 Nairorizer Nairorizer is a new product that is designed to solve women’s constant battle of unwanted hair. Nairorizer is advertised as a lotion that you apply to areas with unwanted hair and unlike other products, your hair doesn’t grow back. Jack Solomon wrote in his essay “Masters of Desire” that “America is a nation of fantasizers, often preferring the sign to the substance and easily enthralled by a veritable Fantasy Island or commercial illusions” (546). Advertising Nairorizer as a solution for every women's unwanted hair will play into the illusions of needing this product. Nairorizer’s target audience will be women anywhere from thirteen and up. Women will be able to use Nairorizer at all ages- from teenagers who are just starting to get hair, to elderly women who can no longer take care of their unwanted hair. Reaching the target audience will be done with commercials and print adds. Steve Craig wrote in his essay “Men’s Men and Women’s Women” that “in television advertising, daytime is the best time to reach women who works at home” (188). It is important for Nairorizer to advertise it’s their commercial during the daytime slot to be able to reach those women who are home with the kids and have no time for hair removal. Nairorizer’s slogan is “Be Smoother Than His Pick-up Lines,”, is used as a way to connect with the target audience. With targeting women ages thirteensixteen years to and fiftyup, they have probably encountered by this point a bad “pick-up line”. Just like we form opinions of men by the “pick-up lines” they use, Craig says that “most women know to their cost that appearance is perhaps the crucial way by which men form their opinions of women” (194). The slogan is able to assure women that they are going to be able to be “smoother” than men, and be able to appeal to them at the same time. The logo for Nairorizer is a blue icon of a womaen in a bikini. The blue packaging with a gold lid is meant to give the idea of a spa-like feel to the product with a touch of glamor. The icon of a womanen in a bikini is a way to connect to the audience, as typically a