Landfill Methane Is Better Than Oil

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Landfill methane is also a much cheaper alternative than oil. If the methane is used on site by the landfill all that is costs them is the price for the generator which will soon earn their worth. Still, even if the landfill gas is piped to another off site facility it is all kept within the country. Keeping everything local like this create a much lower price tag. When the US purchases oil it most likely comes from overseas particularly from the Middle East, which is known for its large oil production. When they get the oil the other countries can jack the price way up because America is so dependent on oil. If the US had their own sources of reliable energy they could save so much more money in the long run.
Just think, garbage, yes garbage has the potential to power your home or even entire cities full of people. Landfill collected methane doesn’t hold all the answers to the oil crisis or global warming, but it is one of the greatest up and coming alternative energy sources. Moreover, it is a completely renewable resource, considering that it is created 24/7 by bacteria and