Lane Bryant Rhetorical Analysis

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Lane Bryant is a plus sized retailer that started in 1904 and focuses more on fashion and fit instead of size ( Last year in September, Lane Bryant started a new campaign that focused on the absence of plus sized models. This first campaign started in the magazine Vogue where they teased America with a two page spread of silhouettes of curvy women. The magazine advertisement had four statements written on it. The statements were the date 9/14, #Plus Is Equal, a website called and “It’s time for a change. Be part of it”(Friedman). When the video advertisement starts the women have only the basic lingerie on. As the video ad goes on, the women appear with more clothing. The retailer was trying to show that …show more content…
The women come out walking and smiling. As more women come on the screen each of the give a smile to one another and start forming a line. Then a voice comes with a woman stating “It doesn’t matter what size you are. It is time to represent all sorts of women; proud, strong, fashion forward, stylish, super awesome. Everyone deserves to be celebrated. No one is ignoring us anymore.”(plusisequal). With each statement she conveys a more powerful message to the plus size women. As she speaks the drums continue to beat as she ends sentences. At the end where the women pauses there is a drum solo where the women are being flashed on the screen. Here they show the women’s faces, and these faces are full of smiles and straight confidence. The women come together and each woman is shown with a face of confidence and not fear. They show pathos by showing emotions from the women and that they love their body and have no care about what people think. The drums continue and the women are shown, smiling and showing the greatest confidence. Then the women turn around walk away. As they walk away, the drums stop and the women states plus is equal, Lane Bryant. Then “#Plus is Equal” is flashed on the screen. The emotions of this video are very strong from this.
As the beat of the drum beats grabs your attention, it makes you want to watch. The powerful voice of the women brings you even more. The women strutting across the screen bring out the emotion of straight confidence. It makes women feel like size does not matter. It brings the feeling of even though you are big you can be beautiful. Even with the women speaking seriously and the beat drums with the face of the women and the body language brings joy to the commercial. This also shows that women size is not what makes you beautiful, that being bigger can be