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“Droning a drowsy syncopated tune, Rocking back and forth to a mellow croon, I heard a Negro play.” Langston Hughes, poet, expresses various literary devices to enhance the poem, “The Weary Blues.” He keeps readers thinking about what, “The Weary Blues” means to the Negro and how it is affecting him. In one way or another the reader is left contemplating on the meaning the author is trying to portray in this poem. To begin, Hughes uses personification to embellish his poem, “The Weary Blues.” He exhibits human traits in a piano as if it had a sense of sentimentality in the way the melody is played. The personification also displays an action that is categorized as an action that shows love or compassion. Hughes speaks of a Negro that plays the piano with heart to the point where the piano itself is feeling something. “He made that poor piano moan with a melody.” Proceeding, the author uses anaphora in his poem. When he undertakes the task of using this literary device, he tries to get a point across. The music that he is playing does not satisfy him causing him to be pessimistic. Hughes justifies his satisfaction by when he states, “ I ain’t happy no mo’.” When the Negro said this, he really was not happy any more. He did not feel the same way when the Weary blues played; it made him feel like he has no more hope. Finalizing, Langston Hughes uses a simile to describe himself sleeping. He compares the way he sleeps to a rock and also to a man that’s dead. For the Negro he is not feeling good at this point in time. He feels alone and