Essay on Langston Hughes and Liquor Store

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Anthony Colavito 1-4-13

In the poem by Langston Hughes and in the book Raisin In The Sun the book got its name from a line in the book. The book Raisin In The Sun is based on the poem the lines symbolizes Walter Lees dreams in the book. In the poem by Langston Hughes the lines in the poem do symbolizes Walter Lee in the book Raisin In The sun. In the poem line one says “what happens to a dream deferred does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” that line symbolizes Walters lees dream because in the book he wants to open a liquor store and that was his dream because he wants to make money so he can live a good life with is family. The part when it says does it dry up like a raisin in the sun that part symbolizes in the book when they are like waiting for the insurance check to come in the mail that is 10,000 dollars Walter thinks he is going to get the money to open the liquor store but one day his mama goes out and looks at a house for the family and she puts a down payment on a house and she use some of the insurance check for the down payment and Walter gets mad because now he can’t open his liquor store so his dream is dry up like a raisin. Another line from the poem says or festers like a sore that line can symbolizes Walter thinking about how now he can’t open the liquor store and he gets mad and it keeps getting to him because he make the money he would make if he was to open it so him and his family can lives a good life. The title for A Raisin