Essay about Language Acquisition: English Language Learner

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Introduction The use of different strategies is the key to aiding and finding even more solutions to better aid the student’s academic and social needs, especially when using different strategies to improve the English speaking proficiency in a non-English speaking student or English language learner (ELL). Learning a new language is like an infant learning to talk, but for academic and social reasons, ELLs must learn the pronunciations, meaning and comprehension of words/vocabulary that are introduced to them in the classroom and social settings, in order to be successful academically and socially. Based on reading the assigned reading material, figurative language is like another foreign language that has been added to the ELLs proficiency list, which must be implemented into their daily academic and social lives along with learning English, if the ELLs want be proficiently congruent with their native English speaking society. When speaking and reading a new language as well as learning in a whole new cultural background, different strategies will have to be implemented continually for the ELLs in order to eventually see the expectations goals set for ELLs be successfully accomplished. This paper will summarize the article written by Palmer, Shackelford, Miller and Leclere (2006), in regards to linking reading comprehension and figurative language into the life of an ELL. The summarization will include the strategies that were implemented into the ELLs life by the