Language and Socially Shared Code Essay

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Homework 1

1. Language is a socially shared code that uses a system of symbols, including sounds and words, to represent ideas to others.

A. Content also known as semantics are rules for the meaning of words and work combinations. For example a horse is a word and you associate it with a horse. Horses and cows are related because they are both animals. Phrases are agent-action, for example “girl play” or “cat meow.”

B. Form is the rules for the organization of words and sound. Syntax is the rules for the internal organization of sentences. For example, “proud is mom” is incorrect, the way it should be organized is “mom is proud.” Morphology is the rules for internal organization of words. For example, run, running, ran. Lastly phonology is the rules for the sound or phonemes in syllables and words. For example, you will never find an s followed by a g.

C. Use, also known as pragmatics are rules for social use of language. For example, knowing what to say and when to say it. When talking with an adult, you make eye contact and speak clearly.

2. Speech is the neuromuscular process that allows people to express language through voice.

A. Voice is the use of the vocal folds and breathing to produce sounds.
B. Articulation is how speech sounds are produced.
C. Fluency is the rhythm of speech.

3. An SLP could advocate for better medicare for a patient by writing a letter to their insurance saying the patient is really making improvements and it is…