Essay on Language: Edward I of England and William Wallace

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Braveheart is a film elaborating on the story of how the Irish fought back their freedom from the English ruler Edward the Longshanks. The Irishmen were led by a man of the name of William Wallace, a Scottish common man during the 13th century. This film does a great job on going deep into the personal life and connections William faced while as a child and as an adult. The plotting and scenery were affective to the viewer as to knowing the Irish story before watching this film.
In Braveheart, William Wallace is being raised in a time where the English have just won control over Irish land in the year of 1280. After claiming ownership over this land, King Edward passed a law than English lords have the right to select a newly married Scottish woman to take to his bed and sleep with them. Young William shows eagerness to attend meetings with his father and brother but is sadly rejected and instructed by his father to stay home and keep check on the family farm when the last meeting attended, the decision to go to war was finalized. A few days past when William is informed that his father and brother were both killed in battle by the Englishmen. He then was taken in by his uncle where he provides William with an education and skills to becoming a man and a fighter.
When William becomes and adult, he returns home to his father’s farm and reunites with friends and family. His first even is a wedding he attended that he personally witnessed an English lord take a newly married woman to his bed. William also reconnects with the girl that gave him his whistle at his father’s funeral. They eventually fall in love with each other and sneak away from their homeland to get married so that Williams newly married Scottish woman would not have to spend a night in the bed of an English soldier. They are happy with their marriage and William wishes to live as a farmer and not be involved with the Englishmen and their antics. Things are fine until an English lord tries to rape Murron, William’s wife. Wallace fights off two officers in his wife’s defense and they attempt to run away but are surely captured by the sheriff. This is the turning part of the movie because this is what sparks basically all of the action that is about to happen. The sheriff publicly executes William’s wife in front of him by slitting her throat and saying, “assault on an officer is taken as assault on the king himself!” William is devastated by this adding on to the previous deaths of his father and brother. He flees the land and returns with a plan. He fakes surrender and murders his captors. He then joins forces with other Scottish villagers, who together take out the whole camp of Englishmen. Wallace executes the sheriff himself the same way the sheriff executed Wallace’s wife.
This all provoked Wallace to engage in what was already war between him, his homeland and its people and the Englishmen. Wallace leads his small army to and through multiple victorious battles from northern to southern England. William’s name began to spread throughout England and his army began to increase. This began to worry King Edward especially since he saw a rebellion coming. In his turn to respond, King Edward decided to send the French princess to negotiate with Wallace, knowing that if he denied or tried to harm or hold her hostage, that the French King…