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I am a native from the Philippines. I have resided here in United States for almost nine years now with my family. As an immigrant, I needed to speak English to communicate with different people. At first, I was having a hard time because my first language is Tagalog. My English language improved when I began socializing with different people.
My English language began to develop at my job where it was required to speak English. As a paint sales associate, I have to provide customer service with different people. I needed to ask customers with their needs and that was a start of a conversation. The customers will looked for specific color of paint and I have to ask what it is for then they would tell me that it is going to be for their new house. From talking about the new house, the conversation would lead to real estate, rentals and mortgage. Every day when I am at work, I interact with different people that had different interests and activities. I learned a variety of new words from people that they acquired through their own unique experiences. I had a conversation one time who was interested in fashion, and I learned new fashion terms that I had no knowledge of.
My vocabulary was limited by my activities before, but when I started to have friends, co-workers and meet new people I got exposed to new words. I have friends that I always talk too, and every day I learned new words from them. I remember in one of our conversation, a friend of mine said the word “procrastinate” I did not know the word. My friend told me the meaning of it which is to put off intentionally and habitually. Since then, I have been using the word and at the same time applying it to myself. Learning new words through a conversation is easy for me to remember. At work, there are words that I did not know at first, but with every day conversation with different people I get used to it. Every day I am still learning new words in every conversation that I have with my friends, co-workers and different people.
I was out of school for twelve