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Language Learning by Instinct or by Social Construct

One of the biggest human inventions has been the language. This tool has facilitated through sound the interaction and understanding between society, but even “the most amazing invention that humans had created collectively, raises many questions.” (, 2011)
Through years men has improve and change and sometimes even create language expressions and grammar, but it still trying to conserve certain rules for a proper use and understanding. Always keeping in mind that they have to teach what’s new to the new generations, without forgetting that not every language way of expression is taught directly by a secondary person, people is always learning and copying what its seen and heard. But then, if there’s no teaching source, and there is no society to copy from, how would a person develop language?
“All humans have a language acquisition device (LAD)” (Language Development) according to Noam Chomsky, that allows humans the knowledge of the common grammatical rules in every language. He compares language learning with spider skills, saying that language comes natural to humans as the ability of making spider webs to a spider. Does it work if a child is not taught of how to talk and communicate with others?
Imagine you locked up a child in an anti noise room for him not to hear any word during the stage in which a normal kid would learn how to talk. If he does not listen any type of expression for interaction he may not know how to talk, what challenges Chomsky’s Theory and introduces Dr. Daniel Dor’s point of view: “By definition, language is something that is bigger than the individual person… the essence of language is in society, not the brain itself” (, 2011) Now let’s say that an animal, which obviously does not have the same human’s structure, is raised with men and its trying to be teach how to talk. As an animal it…