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My name is Violet, and I’m 17 years old i just commited something i never even thought i was able to do, and when i was seven years old it was my biggest nightmare. When I was seven my parents were physically with me, but never by my side when I needed them the most; My mother was and alcoholic depressed person who whenever i saw her all she will say to me was “I want to die, I'm tired of you all you were my worst mistake, but i know you are supposed to love and learn from it but i just can accept how much you have ruin my life I just want someone to put me out of my misery”.My father in the other side was only working therefore it was like he never even existed, but there was only one person by my side and that was my brother, he meant the whole world to me because he was the only friend I had, until one day he betrayed my trust for him. One day i was home alone and I was playing by myself, when suddenly the door lock started to move I thought it was mother so i hid, but then i realise it was my brother so i was running to him to hug him, but when i got close to him he was acting so different, i had never in my life saw him act sad and evil and the same time, when I got near him I ask “what's wrong Andrew, are you okay?”-”leave me alone I ...I don't want to talk…” i took a seat and started to think what could possibly had happened, it took him hours to come out of his room and talk to me again. He came near me and say “I’m sorry that I was rude to you, would you forgive me?”-by some reason i didn't feel safe around him any more, it was a suddenly that I felt like I was talking to my worst enemy, “sure I forgive you, but can we play a game?”
Andrew:ahh…. yeah why not, but we shall play a new game
“okay but what game?”
Andrew:there is this game that if we play it’s going to change your life, but if we played you can never tell anyone because if you do it will only bring you bad luck, it will ruin your life, everyone will hate you and you will just be alone” as a little girl i said yes but now i realise that it was only some random words that was put together by a monster who took over a someones mind.
He took me to his room and he lock the door, no matter how close I was to him i never got of see the inside of his room; he took a seat on the side of his bed and told me to seat as well,then he said again “remember what i told you , what is about to happen is only for good and I’m sorry if it hurts” i couldn't understand why was he saying that, but the only thing that came into my mind was that i didn't know what was good and what was bad, the only thing that came into my mind was what my mother said “I just want someone to put me out of my misery”he then started to hug me and kiss me, moments later had past and I was just laying in bed with pain and just remembering that it hurt and tear was running down my cheek and he saw me and said “everything is okay, this is going to happen again”He then saw that mom was coming but he could care less because he knew she wouldn't care about us. Years had past and one day when i was 15 I was coming home from school, when I got home I saw could only hear my mother talking when I went to her room to see it was mother having sex with my brother and she saw me standing there in the door and the only thing she was smile at me but it was an evil smile, I slowly close the door and walk away to my room. for the first time in forever i actually saw my dad walk in through that front door i just hug him but it was like if he didn't know me he stood there and froze i wanted to talk to him about everything but there were other things in my head so I just walk away. minutes later i just heard my dad scream so loud but i didn't care, all i heard was arguments, my brother came into my room and say this is all your fault i hope you like it, i stood up to defend my self and through the window i saw my dad leaving,brother hold my shoulders and shook me and push me towards the bed and he did it