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Selected SIOP Lesson: _____Healthy and Unhealthy____

SIOP Components Utilized Within Selected Lesson

SIOP Component:
How Component is Addressed Within the Lesson:
Comprehensible input

The teacher used several scaffolding techniques that provided students who may have struggles with grasping the lesson. Often the teacher would stop and check for understanding either by asking question or providing small activities for students.
ESL strategies

The content/language objectives are clearly stated in the beginning of the lesson plan. The teacher is to provide other vocabulary to better explain healthy and unhealthy and also implement a variety of visual aids.

Ongoing, specific, and immediate feedback

Throughout the lesson the teacher often stop using scaffolding strategies to better engage students and check for understanding.

Grouping structures and techniques

The teacher used think, pair, share often to engage students into a deeper thought process by sharing experiences with peers. Also paired students into heterogeneous teams of 2/3 considering their English language proficiency.
Building background and vocabulary development

The teacher began the lesson by discussing the previous lesson which introduced students of common food names. Also there were several stories in print that the teacher read to students followed by a class discussion.
Current materials in English Language Development (ELD) instruction (lesson and text modifications)

The teacher provided students with colorful pictures of foods along with the name of the food in print.
Student prior knowledge

This lesson connects to a previous lesson that introduces and made student become familiar with common food names and introduced food groups.

Student engagement

The students were actively engaged several times throughout the lesson. The students were able to discuss the current and previous lessons as well as opportunities for think, pair, share with peers. Finally the students were paired into groups to complete the final lesson assignment.

The standards for the Healthy and Unhealthy Foods lesson plan were for students to learn the importance of making healthy food choices. Included in the lesson plan were the content and language objectives for the lesson. Content objectives were for students to be able to identify healthy and unhealthy food choices and the language objectives states that students will listen to a story and tell a buddy if a food is health or unhealthy. Being that this Kindergarten class consists of a wide diversity of English proficiency levels, the teacher would need to provide a variety of differentiation instruction to insure that all learners’ needs were being met. The teacher used several scaffolding techniques that provided