My Favorite Experience In My Life

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Andrea Making

When I was 6 years old I knew that I didn't want to do things other girls did. I didn't like dressing up in my mom's clothes, I didn't like anyone playing with my hair, everyday as a child I wore my hair up in a ponytail, you would NEVER in a million years catch me wearing a dress, I absolutely hated dresses and i still do to this day. I did not enjoy playing with barbie dolls or playing house with the other kids. All I really enjoyed doing was playing outside in the mud in my backyard with my best friend and we would always wear our best clothes and throw mud at each other until we were completely covered in it, we would get in SO much trouble afterwards. I also really enjoyed playing sports like basketball, dance, figure skating and my favourite one of them all soccer. I still remember my dad brining me to the soccer field and training me months before tryouts and the soccer season, he still does that too.

I was first registered for soccer when I was 4 years old, I was really bad and I would always shoot on my own net not knowing that it was the wrong one. Even though I was terrible at the sport for some reason I loved it, I remember my favourite position was being the goalie, that just happens to be my least favourite position now I really like playing forward, I have met so many people through playing the sport for many years, I am still friends with most of the people that I have met. I have been playing for eight years and it still is as fun as the very first time I laced up my cleats and stepped out onto the green turf to wait for the reff to blow the whistle for the game to begin, the exiting moment when you get the winning goal for your team. It still is as fun as it used to be, some people may say soccer is boring well at least they have to me, it really is not.