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Statement Of Purpose
It all started from ‘Smoke Signals’ and today has reached the ‘LTE’. Such is the field of telecommunication; starting out of the blue and blossoming into an extensive field of research which has become a vital part of mundane life. This triggered an interest in telecommunication that compelled me to take up a Bachelor’s degree with Electronics & Telecommunication as a major.
Getting acquainted with the fundamentals whetted my appetite to know more and thus I am applying to the Interdisciplinary Telecommunication Program at your regarded university.
Throughout my undergraduate years, I had a keen interest in telecom courses. With the same proclivity, subjects like ‘Principles Of Communication Engineering’, ‘Digital Communication’,
‘Data Compression & Encryption’ and ‘Wireless Networks’ fascinated me. The reason being their first hand applicability in day-to-day life. These courses, thus, fostered my nascent interest in telecommunication and made me more intrigued about the same. Continuing with the same questioning attitude, I took up a mini-project ‘Frequency Divider’ which is an integral part of all communication systems. This was the first time that I got a chance to apply my acquired knowledge practically and make working prototypes of industry-standard devices.
Carrying forward the positive spirit, I took up a more complex research project ‘Speech To Speech
Language Translator’ as a part of my final year curriculum. The purpose of the project was to eliminate the need of human interpreters. This was inspired by the cultural diversity in India, where over twenty languages are spoken colloquially. It proved to be a grinding task but with the guidance of the professors and the plethora of research papers available, the feat was accomplished successfully. A working model was developed which could translate to fifteen different languages.
The research was acclaimed globally too and was published in an international journal.
During my college years, I nurtured my team skills too. Working for the Institute Of Electronics &
Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Student Forum, surely, enhanced my persona. It was analogous to climbing the corporate ladder; started working as a creative committee member and finally turned out to be the chairperson in a few years. In essence, this spell taught me to be amenable as a team player and considerate as a leader.
Owing to my interest in telecommunication, I intend to continue building on my acquired proficiency and make the most of it by keeping up with the contemporary technologies. On the same lines, I aspire to be a part of the breakthrough innovations and the radical changes occurring