Language: United States and American Sign Language Essay

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Spanish and English Have you ever felt labeled because of the language you speak? In the essay, “Private Language, Public Language” by Richard Rodriguez, he discusses his life as a Hispanic whose main language is Spanish, and traveled to Sacramento and gains a glimpse and understanding of the English language. Private language is the language that you are born and raised with, it is the language that you are accustomed to, and was brought around. Public language is the use of language that is spoken outside of your environment. The 3 characteristics of language are identity, society, and diversity. In the United States, citizens currently are used to the English language, which is used in all cases including schoolwork, communication, job application, and other instances. As a characteristic for private language it would be society. However, for those who live outside of the United States are born to learn their own language which includes Spanish, American Sign Language, German, etc. This allows society to come together with various people. For example, in the essay, “Boys and girls, this is Richard Rodriguez,” which was spoken by the nun he was shocked because he never heard anyone say his name in English. This allowed Richard to understand a little more of the English culture as he prepares to hear his name more often by his classmates. Another characteristic of language is change. The body is not the only thing that changes, so does languages. Languages are different from generation to generation. Disabilities are a good example of language as a disability can sometime affect a person’s ability to speak or even communicate. Developmentally delayed is one of the most common language troubles because prior to a baby being born, the parents could have had some narcotics or drugs in there system that affects the baby. Public languages characteristic include change and diversity. There are languages that sometimes get you out of your comfort zone. Those who are living in another country and are used to their own language, would be considered change because they are not used to hearing other languages other than their own. Sometimes it is a good change and a bad change, because a language identifies who they are. As for the