Lantern: A Short Story

Words: 1064
Pages: 5

Of all the people I could have been assigned to, he has to be the worst. This particular Lantern holds great confidence, so much that it twists into absolute arrogance. Arrogance that is dumbfoundedly annoying. To the point where I am consider being pro-active and attack the fool, before he down-right destroys anything left of my fragile mindset; which is also very much damaged and annoying in its own right.

This is Lantern- pretensious and brash, is Guy Gardner himself. From his posture, you could see the self-esteem flowing through his body, like psycological water. To my amazement and nerves, he simply floats their cockily, as though I should bow down to him.

Not a chance.

A tense and un-nerving silence envelops us, neither man backing
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This leads him to menacingly glare at me; not in a way Batman would, but instead to assert his dominance over me. Staring at him right back in his eyes, I smirk. "At least, that's not what I have seen so far." I snicker in his face. On one hand, it seemed to have no effect, but on the other hand, I watch as his lip curls into a innocent …show more content…
If you be me ... well, be LIKE me, as you will never be as good as me ... you won't go wrong." he assures, looking proudly into space. He really needs to get himself checked out for a mental illness, because that is not right. Continued to gaze at the stars, it appears that he has completely forgot about my pathetic existance. Saving me the trouble of listening to him rant and rave all day. No joke, Hal told me a story about that.

At the same time, I know that there must be some redeeming qualities in him. Otherwise, the ring wouldn't have chosen him, although it would be funny if his ring malfunctioned and picked him instead.

Says the guy that was chosen by a little blue guardian.

Thinking about it now, was I selected for a reason, or was it pure chance.I have a feeling this question will haunt my mind for a long time to come, serves me right for coming up with it.

Suddenly, Guy swerves around, the same look of confidence on his face. "You know... I could show you some smooth moves." he informs slowly, wanting to savour the moment that I accept help from him.

"Sure, why not?" I groan, but secretely, I actually want to see what he has in store for me. Have I learnt everything I need to know? Or, has Hal been holding me back? John, well John, I have no idea what he does. Motioning for me to follow him, I am let to the training platform for the second time in two