Lap-Band Surgery Starter Paper

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So many people within our world are now facing the fact that they are either over weight or obese and are doing something about it. For many being over weight or obese has caused many health issues for them, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyper tension, fatigue, and so many other health related problems. Most are working with their doctor in order to reduce their weight and therefore reduce or eliminate a lot of the medical issues they are having due to the weight. Some doctors are putting their patients on a strict diet regimen and then some doctors are recommending that their patients have the lap-band surgery done after their patients have not seen any improvements from the exercise and dieting regimens Even though exercise and dieting is a good way for some people to lose weight it is not always enough, some need the help of the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery in order to lose weight. Lap-band surgery is normally done with people who are severally over weight. Unlike other weight lose surgeries there is no interference with food absorption, therefore the fear of vitamin deficiencies are not there. With the lap-band surgery they make several little incisions on your abdomen to place different surgical instruments so they are able to see and place the band in the correct place. They take the lap-band and place it around the upper part of your stomach to make your stomach smaller and then secure it into place. After they place and secure the lap-band your stomach is just a small pouch with about an inch opening. Your stomach will only be able to hold approximate an ounce of food at a time. This allows you to have more control over your hunger and take in smaller portions of food. The lap-band itself is made up of silicone and saline water. It has a tube that runs from…