Laptop And Desktop Computers Essay

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Huy M. Phan
Professor April Lawson
Beginning English 0113
November 18 2014
Laptop and Desktop Computers
Today, computers are playing an important role in many people’s lives. People use them for study, work, and entertainment. Two of the most common types of computer are laptop and desktop computers. Although there are some similarities between a laptop and a desktop computer, they are also different from each other.
At first, they are made up of similar components, both externally and internally. Laptop and desktop computers both have keyboards, motherboard, DVD drives, hard drive, a processor, USB ports, and screen. Secondly, laptop and desktop computers are also used for many of the same purposes. Users can listen to music, read books, play computer games, access the internet, make a face called, and watch movies.
Apart from similarities, a laptop and a desktop computer differ from each other in some ways. The most important difference is that while laptop computers are portable, desktop PCs are not. People can use laptops at the park, in the forest, on cars, even on planes if they want to, but the use of desktops is usually restricted to the workplace or the home. While this could be seen as a drawback of desktop computers, their greater size also means that they are generally more powerful than laptop computers. Desktop computers tend to have faster processors and graphic cards, along with more RAM and hard disk space. This means that they can perform more tasks, such