Laquanda Elements Of Counseling

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Elements of Counseling Essay Laquanda seems to have a few issues since her divorce. She mentioned that she has had feelings of sadness, anger, resentment and guilt. She also mentioned being depressed. Laquanda’s thoughts are causing her to overeat and inability to accomplish her daily task. Her interactions with others are minimal. She is raising her two-year-old daughter on her own and is overwhelmed. Laquanda mentioned wanting to have a social life but never finds the time to do so. Laquanda religious background and culture has an impact on her problems due to her upbringing in a strict Baptist family, where divorce is frowned upon. For this reason, she might be feeling guilty because she was taught that divorce is not what people are supposed to do. She might also feel as though she is unworthy of love and /or will never find love again. Her strength is that she realizes that she has a problem and that she can’t do it on her own. She also has a family that can help her raise her two-year-old daughter, once they understand the reasons why she got divorced. Laquanda hasn’t told her family the reasons she decided that divorce was what she had to do. She divorced Daniel because he was verbally abusive and it was unbearable. She also considered her daughter and how her marriage would affect her in the long run. She refused to let her daughter …show more content…
She also might expect counseling to help find a way to cope with her situation in a healthier way and help her shield her daughter from her negative emotions and behavior. As a counselor, my expectation would be to connect Laquanda to the resources she might need and help her navigate her situation. Also, as a counselor, I would expect that she is willing to do the work and realize progress takes time. Our goals might be different as I am there to help her help herself and she might want straight forward answers and might want quick