A Brief Note On Mid-Term Self-Description

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Mid-Term Self- Description
“Why do I have to do this assignment”, this is the question I asked myself until the last exercise of part 2. I still didn’t get the answer for my question because it was so boring and easy and got nothing to think and consider about self-reflection. However, when I review back the results in part 1 and 2, my answer in each exercise, I suddenly realized that my answers in part 2 have related the answers of part 1 and also I gave the opposite opinions in part 1 which totally confuses my feeling. In another word, I see my different personality in this assignment.
At starting of the Meyer Briggs exercise, I had convinced you that I tended to be extrovert rather than Introvert. I disagreed with the result and thought it was wrong and gave a ton of explanation but according to the result of type A and my 4 weakest skills in part 1 and also the failure of leading a team in Part 2, I must give a hand-up for Introvert. I lied myself that I’m an Extrovert, I like going out, talking to people and prefer social but all of these are always at a limit. I can easily to start a conversation with others, get people around me but never let them get closer and know more about my actual person. As more as they know about me, as more as they want to be close to me, I push them away. That’s how I can never build a team for my own due to that I don’t need partners to do work together. My Introvert thinking makes me always think that it’ better to finish work individually. I’ve been trying to use the shell of Extrovert to conceal who I am actually to everyone as I got high score in EI. Indeed, this mask helps me to adjust my emotion in any situations, most of co-workers comment me that it’s hard to understand what I’m thinking as I’m such a complicated person. Besides, in Type A answer, I said that I was neither type A nor type B but base on Motivation, Team Building and What do you value exercise, I profound that I’m completely a type A person. I had said that I wasn’t stressed by time but actually time is one of element that always frustrates me in my achievement process. I always plan to get work done on time or sooner. In the other hand, this aspect also shows me that I had been unsure and confused for my answer of the strongest skills in Competing Value. At this moment, time and stress management is no longer my strongest skill, it has turned to be my weakness after getting through this LAS assignment. Furthermore, the exercise of “What do you Value” and “What Motivates You” are quite similar in meaning what help me determine my thirst of Financial leads to the reason why I risk my life for Achievement. There is a link between Financial and Achievement, to get a large amount of money for my life, I have to be successful in my career; to be successful, I have to achieve my goal effectively in any cases. And as I concluded, this is my problem. As long as I only think about how I achieve the goal in short time, what risks I will face and what the outcome is, I can’t make a move to the professional performance. I stress me out