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Why do your relationships fail? Relationships fail because they lack qualities of self-worth, love, and commitment. These three principles are the foundation to any healthy relationship. Understanding and applying these qualities will allow you to have a lasting relationship. Self-worth or knowing who you are as a person Shake Spear states: “Remain true to yourself,” we must be able to be true to ourselves if we can even except to be true to someone else. We must be able to determine our own self-worth, but how is this possible? If we base our self-image and happiness on material things, worldly ideas, or people’s ideas then we cannot possibly determine who we are; because if we compare ourselves to another we will never match up, ideas are constantly changing, and material thing only last so long. Cars, places, and these people on their own have no value it is not the thing that makes us worthy, but it is the “us” that makes the thing worthy. “For surely all these things will pass away” (Jesus Christ). We must examine if something will be here today and gone tomorrow, such as an opinion or a car, and should we hold its value so high? Jesus states, “For those who follow the worlds are like the man who built his house on sand….” This statement means the knowledge of the world is like sand and sand is constantly changing and shifting; so how is it possible to build a true and defined self-image on things that are always changing? My answer was found in the very same verse “… But if you build your house on Christ you are like the man who built his house on rock….” This means if you build yourself on Jesus Christ the one who: “is the same yesterday, today, and forever” then you have found your identity in something that will not change. Love, love is undoubtedly the most powerful and vital part to any relationship in any form; however, Love is not a feeling one of my pastors gave me this revelation; it made me really examine myself on how I treat others. Love is a choice, a choice to care about someone, and to help someone. Think about it do you feel like doing nice things for someone or thinking about someone all the time, or do you feel like doing something else like thinking about yourself; perhaps, what may be easiest for you. When a person makes you mad or angry do you feel like loving them and forgiving them, or do feel like retaliating and returning that anger? Love is the choice to still care and still continue to forgive even when you don’t want to, even when it’s hard love is an act not just an emotion. If we choose to love and help someone through their faults even when it’s hard or at our own sacrifice. You may even