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Mandeep kaur
Vocabulary words

1. Last night, my mom made Indian food but taste was so bland because nobody liked it.
2. When I won the national race, I had so many obstacles because my leg was paining so bad.
3. One of my friends was erratically coming to the class. Teacher gave her warnings that she will drop her.
4. When I got C in my history class my morale went down but my teacher told me you are a good student and you can do it.
5. My communication teacher is ruthless about grades. The whole class got low score in last test.
6. There is a growing apathy among a few boys in the middle school which is very harming to the house.
7. I tune my radio and TV scale like crazy, but all the stations broadcast only propaganda, and very little of information.
8. Previous studies implied that smokers and coffee drinkers might have a lower risk of developing the condition.
9. In today’s newspaper I read a gruesome murder of a young mother.
10. My manager concisely told me, “not to wear jeans on the work place”.
11. Some are strict, some are lenient, and some are anywhere in between but my manager isn’t lenient to staff.
12. I acknowledged by email to my communication teacher that I will not come on Tuesday in the class.
13. I deleted all the text messages of my ex boyfriend and it made me so happy.
14. I have always felt isolated in my previous employer because I didn’t like their system at all.
15. My drastic experience with Toyota when I bought my camary.