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Taje’ Davis
Eng 101

In today’s society everyone’s goal is to live as long as possible. No one wants to die because a lot of people fear death no doubt about that but what most people fail to understand is that it's merely impossible to do so. You have to be lucky, it’s like winning trying to win the lottery,and that’s why Dan Buettner wants to show us why people in the Blue Zone live long so that we can get longer lives than we have.
In Buettner’s ted talk he was talking about the Blue Zones, which is different parts of the planet where you have people living the longest past their life capacity. The first Blue zone he mentioned is Sardinia but an area known as the Nuoro province. In this specific area “ men live the longest,about 10 times more centenarians than we have here in America. And this is a place where people not only reach age 100, they do so with extraordinary vigor. Places where
102 year old still ride their bike to work,chop wood, and can beat a guy 60 years younger than them” (5:07). Men in America don’t tend to live that long . Based on the article men in America maximum life capacity for men is 78 so this proves that men in Sardinia are living way longer than men in America. The people in Sardinia have a plant based diet , they don’t eat meat strictly plant based foods. In the ted talk, Buettner mentioned the type of food the people in
Sardinia and these food were “ whole wheat bread called carta musica made out of durum wheat, a type of cheese made from grass fed animals so the cheese is high in omega­3 fatty acids and a wine that has three times the level of polyphenols than any known wine in the

world. It’s called Cannonau” ( 5:40). These people eat every healthy. People in America don’t eat like how they do which to have a plant based diet and not too much meat. If people in
America had a diet like they do there would be a lot more Blue Zones across the nation.
These people also have a low physical activity because they are shepherds. In other words
Buettner doesn’t think the real reason why these people live that long is because of the food they eat. He thinks it’s because of how they organize their society. He states that in Sardinia the older you are the better it’s for you because people see you as a role model and an iconic person. The second blue zone Buettner talked about is Okinawa,a small island south of Tokyo.
Okinawa has the oldest female population found in the world, and they also have long lives without disabilities. He also states that Okinawans “ live about seven good years longer than the average American . Five times as many centenarians as we have in America” (8:22).In
Okinawa there is a small number of the population with diseases such as colon, breast