A Day At Point Beach State Park

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A Day at Point Beach State Park
I was free, free as a bird soaring through the open blue skies on a day full of sunshine. The wind rustled my hair as I sprinted along the soft, silvery, shore of Lake Michigan. The slight breeze pushed me to keep going and the wind whispered in my ear. I didn’t stop, I just kept running and running, I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world and I could just stay there forever. I must have ran over a mile that day because before I knew it, my parents were just specks that my best friend and I could hardly see.
This all started when my mom invited my best friend on our annual camping trip we always take on Memorial Weekend. Without having to think twice, we both started packing, eager to “get this show on the road”, as my mom quotes it. I was so excited, I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you be if you got to spend 4 days with a person who knew all your secrets, lived through your backyard, had a best friend bucket list with you, and not even to mention was your best friend? We finally finished packing, took the long drive up there and went camping. Soon the fun-filled weekend was over. We left the campsite at around 11 am on Monday morning, deciding to stop at Point Beach State Park on our way home to Menomonee
We arrived at the beach at about 1pm. At first Hailey and I were not very

excited, It meant we had to get up and walk! But despite our hesitation we boosted ourselves out of the comfy black seats in my dad’s car and dragged ourselves out and to the lighthouse that my dad claimed to be “amazing”. (We didn’t believe him at the time, because how awesome can a lighthouse really be?)
Once we saw it we immediately changed our feelings about this place. It was tall and full of wonder. We turned our heads for a moment to see where my sister
Kelsey was heading. Then we saw it…
Sand so fine it could get stuck in the crevices of your fingertips if you touched it, water so blue if you went in it I’d be afraid you’d come out blue, and a sky with clouds so perfect they could have been in a Disney Movie. That’s what the