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Last Train Home In some parts of China, there are a lot of impoverished villages and cities that people exist within. Most of these people usually migrate into urban areas for a better living condition which is called rural­urban migration. There seems to be lots of different reasons for these migrations to take place but mostly it relates to a better standard of living, a better education for children to grow with, and a steady job to hold. And even though this plays an important role in the growth of the economy, yet, the conditions aren’t normally typical. The overflow of population and human trafficking in rural areas are high and it is not nearly a sufficient condition for the people to be able to exist without having a clouded mind full of stress. In china, there is a high volume of migrant workers that travel from rural areas into urban areas. Moving from a rural lifestyle to an urban lifestyle differentiates extensively from each other.
The people go down this path because the purpose latches onto a great opportunity to undertake in order to have a steady job. The jobs are mostly labor related, such as working in sewing/ knitting factories, exporting factories for shipping products overseas. The course of this income that they make is a great cycle and the intentions behind this movement is to provide for themselves and perhaps for their family, but the system that is administered under the Chinese government is perhaps very deceiving and it results in an extremely oppressive working and living condition. The inner connectivity of families are highly strong and bonded but due to a harsh working condition in the rural areas, most of the population rarely get to spend quality time with their family.
Overruling supervisors and long extensive work shifts make it impossible for the people to have time to spare for their own needs or even family in that case. In Fact, the rural lifestyle seems to be a fair,

stress­free lifestyle of farming corn or fishing, existing within your village alongside of local neighbors, farmers, and families. Ever since the industrial age started in China, people of different age groups move to urban areas in order to make more money, but in actuality, the people are being forced into labor and it almost feels as if they are slaves behind these machines, curtained by long eighteen to twenty hour working shifts, and living within the factories facility. Due to the overflow of the chinese population, the social boundaries are rarely met. The existence of so many people brings along an extensive amount of cars and traffic in general. This all is very crucial. The amount of smog in the air is hardly bearable and transportation is not efficient due to long lines, shortage of tickets and exceeding the capacity of the city as well. But this doesn’t necessarily change the peoples thought pattern and intentions behind this.
Because of how desperate people’s mindsets are for wealth and better living conditions, people move from their villages and migrate into urban areas but some rarely even find jobs to be providing for their family. This results in the crime rate going up due to the people resorting to stealing, prostitution, armed robberies, and perhaps selling drugs. Indirectly, this in actuality worsens the living environment. These qualities aren’t necessarily going to help a country rise above their normal pace but actually decreases the chances of growth in general. The characters in this film represent a