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How are your audience's options for health care changing?
The way that our audience’s options for health care changing is because now it has been made easier for everyone to get some type of healthcare and that some will lower their prices so that some will apply with them.

How does this affect how you will offer your product to them?

The way that this will affect how we will offer our product to them is that they might find something cheaper and more affordable them and that they might fall for everything that the other people is telling them and fall in that trap when us on the other hand will have the best plans and options for them to manage.
How will you engage your target audience?
The way that we will target our audience is by educating them on the Equipo De C plans. By doing that we will break down to them what it is that we are offering them. For example, the bronze-tier plan which is a preferred provider plan and with this plan the network will cost a 25-year old enrollee $195 a month which is someone steep, but then we will let them know about the silver-tier plan which is the lower cost and with this plan you will get a narrow HMO type network that will only cost you $174 a month which is 21 dollars cheaper than the bronze plan. We will give them as many options that we can.
How will you ensure relevancy to them?
The way that we will ensure our relevance to them is by advertising everywhere and being available when we are needed, and also being honest…