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I. Date- Saturday April 20, 2013
II. Source- Newspaper
III. Summary- Construction workers are allowed to move Chatham’s spruce street railroad crossing south to Goldenrod Drive. The village received approval from officials to relocate the railroad. The Village requested to relocate the crossing because officials don’t believe there is enough room on the stretch of road that connects Illinois 4 and South Main Street over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks for upgrades needed to accommodate high speed trains traveling between Chicago and St. Louis. The relocated crossway will also improve traffic flow.
IV. Cause- Consumers don’t want to be held up in traffic.
V. Prevention- Government is relocating the construction of the Railroad Crossing to prevent the traffic and any other issues.

I. Date- Wednesday April 2, 2013
II. Source- Newspaper
III. Summary- An Illinois State Trooper was killed by a Truck Driver. The driver had a medical condition that should have made him ineligible to drive. The reckless homicide charge is a special class 2 felony punishable by up to 3 to 14 years in prison.
IV. Cause- A reckless truck driver that should not have been driving because of his medical condition killed an Illinois State Trooper November 26th.
V. Prevention- If you have a medical Condition, you should look into your side-effects of the medication you take to see if you are ineligible to drive.

I. Date- June 23, 2011
II. Source-
III. Summary- A semi-truck that was carrying flour hit the back of a minivan. Neither of the victims in the accident was severely injured. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash.
IV. Cause- Semi-Truck was distracted and hit the back of a minivan.
V. Prevention- when you’re driving pay more attention to the road; and if possible, put all the things you will most likely need to use on the passenger seat for a quick grab.

I. Date- March 21, 2013
II. Source-
III. Summary- A Springfield woman was arrested on an outstanding traffic warrant Thursday following a four-Vehicle accident at 11th and Jefferson Streets. Reasons for her arrest are: driving while license was suspended and for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. She hit a car while talking to a passenger.
IV. Cause- A Distracted woman was talking to her passenger and hit a car in front of her witch led to a 4 way domino effect.
V. Prevention- while talking to someone in the car you need to keep your eyes on the road to prevent an accident.

I. Date- April 26, 2013
II. Source-
III. Summary- Girard woman was treated and released at St. Johns Hospital Friday following a two car accident on Washington Street near Fairhills Mall. Her car crashed with another car that was pulling out of the parking lot mall. The other driver was not injured.
IV. Cause- a woman was not conscious of a car pulling out of its parking space and collided with it.
V. Prevention- keep your eyes in front of you and observe your surroundings.

I. Date- May 12, 2013
II. Source- Newspaper
III. Summary- The CPD is making it easier for police officers to patrol the bike trails and other community events. The Polaris Ranger will be able to go places traditional squat cars cant. It is also more accessible to use.
IV. Cause- Consumers often want to chat with the police while they are on the job. Also the ranger is easier to use than their squat cars.
V. Prevention- the ranger will stop the chit-chat with consumers and focus what he needs to for his job.

I. Date- Thursday April 18, 2013
II. Source- Newspaper
III. Summary- Mike Lopez plans to use money to update the town’s streets, sidewalks and water…etc. It will cost a lot of money, but it’s better for the town. HE also wants to refurbish the streets and use the money to generate grants.
IV. Cause- when you have crappy