Lasting Happiness Response Essay

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Jordan Rahimzadeh
Mrs. Keller
English 9H-9
12 December 2014

Lasting Happiness Response
This article explains how in order for people to be happy, they must be happy with themselves first. If people are always insecure about how they look, then it is difficult to find true happiness. In the article it states, “The ego is not your true self, it is the image of yourself that you have slowly built over time” (Chopra 1). This explains how egos are artificial personalities that prevent people from exposing their true selves. Egos and objects like cell phones and computers are obstacles in finding self-happiness. Cell phones and computers hold us back from interacting in the outside world and they deprive us from our social skills. With these devices, we are able to access the Internet which many people spend too much time on. People are consumed by Social Media sites, which prevents them from facing the real world outside of the Internet. In order to be truly happy, people must be happy with their true selves and not let man-made devices run their lives. This article has a great effect on me. By reading this article, I learned that self-happiness is extremely important in life. I also became aware that electronic devices can cause damage and I now make sure that I do not become consumed by Social Media websites. I also make sure that I always express my true self and personality instead of letting an artificial image of myself take control. This article has taught me to