Later Said That Shouting At D Doesn T Make Any Difference?

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Earlier said that shouting at D doesn’t make any difference. How do you know this?
If you are being chased around the house with a handful of shit and shout D pack that in.
He gets a smirk, doesn’t do any good.
Would say shouted
No raised voice
Brought up by Mum and Dad not been in care They are 47 now not like any other PWS, like a parental approach has a worker in last year to help with M’s aggression. Don’t work with them, doesn’t interact with each other unless one is being told off then they gang up. Never say please or thank you. You tell them they just look at you also raised voice only thank at end of task, Firm voice works.
Some of behaviours described do indicate stress/ being supported by new staff. Yes please p/o best person to speak to is Tunde, they responded best to him.
Can’t explain it very well.
Started June/Ju;y 12 Tunde would say to new team mate you are going to have a bad night tonight
Likened to 2 teens when Mum and Dad are away trying to get away with murder.
Not derogatory
Need to tell person what to expect, eg David will lob all the stuff out of the window. Mark will join in when excrement and urine smeared.
David will empty all food cupboards.
Most team mates had the same experience.
Can’t look at, old enough to know how you need to look at it. Is way I deal with it Tunde will explain it better and may see it a bit different.
Refer to derogatory comments made about manager. Denied can’t explain just seen Jan have the utmost respect prev had Tracey Jan came in from different angle. Was brilliant not got a bad word to say about Jan.
Say Sadie lying, telling you flat out she ia.
Why has nobody been interviewed?
Will give you the name of every staff member on FB.
Will seek legal advice for defamation of character.
Not funny to me at all.
CG – In interview only stated named Alex.
Never named Alex
Looked at print out 18/10
In run up to 18/10 no guys having services problems with Alex (didn’t see or hear) but knows guys well enough to know they would have reported aware of other staff that had bad experiences with Alex. Tracey said in team meeting on 18/10 staff wanted to know whats going on.
Never named Alex for said individual glad to see back of him, one lad we support not clean and not a lot of support workers would clean up, thinks his job is to sit down not known through personal experience only what told. I never named and never said he was smelly.
CG – Debbie;s interview states never named but only named Alex in post. Pointed out on print out no name. In post voiced concerns but if felt concerns would not be dealt with by Manager did you voice to anyone else?
No personal experience only heard from other guys who were upset. Only understanding that meeting took place don’t know outcome to this. Guys made clear they didn’t want him back but didn’t know outcome. So that’s what getting at that they were happy he wasn’t coming back.
If no personal experience of Alex why this on
Because other guys wanted to know what going on because they were happy.
Didn’t consider text
No quick form to do it didn’t mention names.
Presented risk to organisation reputation, FB accessible to all users therefore open to friends and family how would they feel, only accessible to PD;s friends, this is a bunch of lies never done any of this.
RE new manager standing o’s
To this day I have never met Joy couldn’t pick her out of a line up been off with bad shoulder not aware she has been to see twins. This is deforming my character filth/lies, if I had got hold of Sadie 2 weeks ago would have strangled her. 2 weeks before Gary put in complaint about Jan has been using Sadie where is investigation this is not an investigation.
This is a hatchet job on character why done to me not funny really angry can’t take in to court of law would be laughed out don’t understand why insulted beyond belief. Taken from hob I love none of it has happened.
RD – Taken note of concerns about Sadie’s