Latina History Essay

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Latina History
Throughout history women didn’t have a say to things; from what they believe is right or what could help improve the surroundings around them. Women were taught from their mothers to their grandmothers to become a good housewife and mother and have children and make your husband happy. It wasn’t until the 19th century when the civil war interrupted the United States they needed labor force so they looked for women to work in the factories taking over the jobs that men left behind to serve in the war. For many women it was the very first time ever working in a factory taking over the jobs their husbands left behind. Although it was a great opportunity for these women they had to face obstacles, they realized they didn’t have their own rights. As for being a latina in the 19th century was similar to the struggles these women faced as well and were known for their work, Maria Amparo de Burton a writer and had a powerful voice she used to write about gender class and race through her poetry. Lola Rodriguez de Tio was the first Puerto Rican poet who believed in women rights and educating women. In the 20th century women wanted their voice to be heard they wanted to have equal rights as men had. They wanted to be able to vote for what they believe in and this is where the 19th amendment came into play and the Women Suffrage Association. These two Hispanic women who were a big impact in the latin history took place during the 20th century. Luisa Capetillo a labor leader educated workers on their rights and took a part of the women suffrage, Adelina Otero Warren also worked with The Women Suffrage Association. They both wanted the 19th Amendment to pass, Through Women Letters many women wrote letters to their loved ones expressing how they feel or what is going on in their presence which could relate a lot to these Hispanic women what they went through although, it was not clearly the exact same situations it was clear all these women had one thing in common was that they wanted their voice to be heard and fight in what they believe in, to have a right to vote and to have equal rights as the men. These were American women facing these obstacles United States Citizens, Imagine being a Hispanic women living in the United States the greater tragedy they had to face against society itself. Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton was a Hispanic women who lived in San Diego California and was a married to Captain Burton she faced hardship and struggles after her husband died out in the war. She was a write in the 19th century writing about women with a powerful voice who addressed crucial issues of ethnicity power gender class and race in her writing (Latina Legacies Pg72).She was a writer who spoke freely in her poetry about the society she lived in and was well known through her poetry. During the 19th century Women working in the labor force were being treated poorly and not getting enough pay they went on strike called “turning out” (Classnotes). Also published their own newspaper “The Voice of Industry” half of these women who were publishing the newspaper were either domestic servants or immigrants. However through a letter Elizabeth was writing to unknown correspondent she was a daughter of a parents who believed in women who should have rights and have a higher education (WL194). Elizabeth was being taken as a joke at her college her colleagues made a fun of her telling her she wouldn’t make it, she took it as a motivation to finish college as she kept her word she was the first women to have graduated from medical school. Maria Amparo after her husband died she returned back to San Diego to her ranch only to find out that her ranch was being sold, she did everything she can from hiring the best attorneys in town to help her save her lands For the next twenty-three years of her life she fought numerous legal battles, with more losses than wins. She…