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Caesar Assassinated!!

By L.G.
Latin Tempora Staff Writer
Late afternoon yesterday, on the Ides of March, 709 AUC, a true tragedy occurred in Pompey's theater.

In a meeting of the senate, the beloved and revered roman dictator, Gaius Julius Caesar was savagely murdered. He was stabbed to death by who some say were other senate members.

The Roman officials have not released many details but they do say that they are holding Marcus, Junius, Brutus, Gaius, and Cassius along with other senators on account that a witness had seen the group with Caesar just moments before his death.

As the details of the case unfold, the secrets of conspiracy are slowly unfolding. Apparently the senators were afraid that Caesar would gain complete and total authority. His reformation of many of the roman laws caused quite a bit of discomfort in the seats of power at the house of senators.

Caesar had indeed gained many accomplishments, all of which helped lead to his death.

Caesar started with the little things, and slowly gained power, power which threatened the authority of Rome. Caesar eliminated the tax system, sponsored veterans, extended roman citizenship, reconstituted the courts, increased the number of senators and even reformed the roman calendar.

When Caesar increased the number of senators that were "in favor" of him, this greatly disgruntled the senators which was a great cause for the conspiracy along with his total control over the Roman Army.

Caesar became a