Latino In Entertainment Media Analysis

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While discussing the portrayal of Latinos and Hispanic in entertainment and the news media, Camille Broadway, a journalism professor at Georgia Southern University, discussed some personal experiences she has had with news media relating the Latinos and some ways the problem can be fixed. Broadway feels that there are many factors that contribute towards a negative portrayal of Latinos, but also feels that at times, they are portrayed in a positive way. She also touched on how important the Hispanic and Latino population is becoming in the political landscape. Like David Simpson in my first interview, Broadway feels that the portrayal of Latinos is a problem of both the news and entertainment media. A lot of times the portrayal tends to be narrow and not a lot of diversity in the characters Latinos play in movies and TV shows, Broadway said. …show more content…
The reason why she feels that Latinos and Hispanics are often talked along with immigration politics is because of politics and culture and a lot of the changes to the portrayal will be because of the political impact of it. With the growing Latino population, Broadway expects it to have a big impact in politics.
“Politically, issues that matter to Latinos are beginning to matter more to political parties because Latinos are going to be more important between political parties,” Broadway said.
She explained how she got to know someone who started a Spanish language paper, but a lot of Latinos were not reading it because it only focuses on stuff happening in Mexico and not about the other Latin-American countries. To fix the problem of coverage, she feels is not a matter of simply diversifying the staff because that doesn’t work.
“Having a diverse staff doesn’t do as much as you think it would. Women and people from minority ethnic groups are trained in a news culture that comes out of this white privilege world view,” Broadway