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The responses you gave to each question were very well written. The first question starts by talking about sharing information. Just like you stated shared information is so important in a learning organization as compared to an efficient performance organization. Sharing information helps organizations in learning while promoting communication and collaboration so that everyone is fully engaged in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organization to continuously experiment, improve and increase its capability (Daft, 2013). An organization that is considered learning follows a structure that is horizontal which disbands the vertical structure by flattening the distance between managers a the top of the organization and putting emphasis on self-directed teams which include members from several functional areas creating less boundaries (2013). In a learning organization, employees play the role in the team or department and roles may be continually redefined or adjusted. There are few rules, knowledge and control of tasks within this group. Information within a learning organization serves a distinct and separate purpose. Information is widespread and ensures that all employees are aware of the information. They maintain open lines of communication with everyone, including customers. The culture within a learning organization encourages openness, equality, continuous improvement, and change. Being aware is key to success. Some of the differences that one might expect among stakeholder expectations for a nonprofit organization versus a for-profit business is profit versus service. Nonprofit managers pay attention to the satisfaction of its stakeholders, volunteers and donors because they directly impact the success of the company. Nonprofit stakeholders are usually invested into the company for a personal reason and thrive on helping the business to succeed. Business managers are much more at the “will” of their shareholders who make money from the profit that the company is brining in. Your explanation of how a company’s goals towards employee development show different innovative ways a company’s may approach the situation. A company’s goals for employee development might be related to its goals for innovation and change and goals for productivity because strong employee development goals are one of the characteristics common to organizations that regularly show up on the Fortune magazine’s list of top companies to work for (2013) These goals are operative which provides the employee direction and motivation, decision guidelines and standard of performance (2013). Knowing where the company has been and is going is essential to business success. If not properly outlined and instilled within employees, conflict within the organization will emerge. The explanation given about effectiveness in an organization helps to understand what is needed to achieve goals. Organizational goals and…