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This work is intended for the market launch of a soap for the face "Magic Sun", which has as its active ingredient an extract of açaí, who with his power energy, can in combination with minerals and moisturizing creams, protection from lightning the sun's damaging, a range of factor number 15, 20 and 25.


The Renovida's vision in a year and a half to expand the line, throwing a soap for the whole body, with scrub here three years and a line of shampoos and conditioner for hair. You will need to invest in machinery, staff training, research, etc.


The Renovida mission is to create better living conditions through management techniques and research, always looking for the full satisfaction of its employees. It focuses on the rejuvenation to customers and control of acne. The customer is not only consumers but Renovida family member.


- Opportunities
In approximately 2 (two) years of research, we found a deficiency in the personal care segment, missing three factors together, practicality, quality and price. Among the people interviewed about 90% of consumers were female and the remaining men, so one can see a product that was needed to collaborate with the vanity of the consumer and be accessible to social classes A and B. Today's consumer lives in a constant race against time and note its appearance discouraged and threatened affecting their personal and professional.
It was then decided that Renovida fill this gap in the consumer market by launching the "MAGIC SUN" (Soap with Sunscreen Filter). The company is focused on addressing the needs of daily hygiene and protection of skin exposure to sunlight, with the addition of three products soap, moisturizer and sunscreen are entering an era of innovation in the cosmetics line. This product is unique, a market that tends to grow much, because it has a great demand among social classes A and B. Besides being unique, cost / benefit ratio is far superior to existing products on the market. Today is a need to buy a sunscreen soap and making the price of non-viable, since the difference is approximately 60%, as shown below:

Sunscreen + Soap = $ 50.00
Magic Sun = $ 30.00

- Forces
The product has great potential for growth, as a soap composed of a pleasant scent, hypoallergenic, moisturizing and "sunscreen" is all the consumer mainly looking for female and male. The sunscreen for about ten years ago, was virtually unknown and now is part of life for everyone, but a factor that inhibits their growth is the difficulty or lack of time available to apply the gel or cream. Therefore, we think of a practical product, attractive cost and above all quality. The company has a highly trained and specialized in the field of cosmetics. Since this is a small team, the administration is facilitated and the conduction for the development of their tasks will have higher standards. One of the major satisfactions of the company is always well to keep updated on the market and your competitors. Despite being a brand new, the company will show to your audience, the image quality that practices throughout its structure.

- Threats
They are our direct competitors manufacturers of soaps such as pharmacies, which we consider an example to be followed. Although there are potential this niche between the pharmacies did not develop a product with this order, and from this space left by it we are to enter and work above all with quality, always meeting the needs of the client (by detecting failures of competitors .) As our competitors may cite companies that manufacture sunscreens, such as: Sundown, Coppertone, Banana Boat, pharmacies and other manipulation.

- Weaknesses
Being an innovative product, it may take a while to fall in love the audience. Competition is big investments in advertising and already has a structure of production and logistics related to the other products they