Laughing: Rape and Fantasia Barrino Essay

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My first choice would have been a movie called Freedom Writers, however, since
Brittany has already discussed it I’ll discuss another movie. The movie that is the next most powerful story I know is called “The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not a Fairy
Tale.” Most of you probably have seen it before, if not you probably remember Fantasia
Barrino whom was the winner of American Idol: Season 3. When Fantasia Barrino was in high school she was raped, she felt so alone after the attack and thought no one would believe her so she dropped out of school. Now Fantasia was a teenage dropout who had no money, no education and no chance at a real future. At 16, Fantasia found herself in an abusive relationship that left her pregnant and lost. But she refused to give up on her dreams. This movie tells how this inspiring young single mom used her incredible voice to become an American Idol, as well as a Grammy®-nominated, platinum-selling recording artist. This movie was very emotional because when the movie got towards the middle I was crying my eyes out. This movie has made Fantasia
Barrino my idol and it had a really huge impact on me because my story is similar to hers so I can relate. The author of this movie had an effect of her audience by the way the movie was interesting from beginning to the end. Another way is because this movie is very encouraging to young women and even some men too. In my narrative next week I would like to write about never giving up on your dreams.Life was not always easy for Fantasia Barrino, but she's not a quitter. Born to a musician family who performed and recorded songs for a local label, she had a rough year, especially in high school, while growing up in High Point, North Carolina. She was once raped by a classmate and dropped out of school as a result. She was pregnant at 16 and gave birth to her daughter with ex-boyfriend Brandel Shouse. In an effort to start fresh, she packed her bags and moved to neighboring Greensboro. She then auditioned for "American Idol" in Atlanta. Fantansia movie was very inspiring to me because I went through the variety pronlems. My social work problems in this movie was sexual abuse affecting the growth of a child. Many childrens that was rape before has been physically ,mentally, emotionally, abuse are being mentally ill. Fantansia was a young black woman who desire more but settle for less. She was a young and living the fast life. She was rape in her school by a another student, Because fantansia moving so fast it was hard to believe her fairytales, But the fairytale was the truth.Fantasia was dealing with bullies talking about her. She didn’t have place to stay stealing from the store for her baby to eat . She was having a hard time taking care of the needs for the child.Fantansia outcome was to become a singer but she got pregnant. Struggles after struggles fantansia couldn’t take no more she start breakdown. She begin to give her life to Christ. Fantansia mither was very proud that she made that decision. Fantasia then start living her life within Christ jesus. She begin to take her dream further. So , She sign of the American Idol show she work hard to become the number one hit singer. When she accomplish her dream I feel like anything is