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Paragraph 1:
Good evening,
My name is Laura Maenak and I am writing to you in regards to the career opportunity for the Legal Secretary position vacant at J&L Law Offices and Associates. The position requires the potential candidate to, “be able to coordinate office activities for Attorneys or Administrative Law Examiners; performing a variety of legal secretarial duties such as scheduling hearings, preparing legal documents and correspondence, docketing cases and maintaining court dockets and diaries, and providing information and direction to others. The work requires knowledge of legal, secretarial, office practices.” Not only have I read articles about the satisfactory work that your company provides, but I have also grown up with wishes of one day pursuing a law career with your firm that has been by my families side with multiple cases throughout the years. My whole life, I have been stuck on crime shows and factual documentaries based on law. Your firm sparked this interest and has now encouraged me to take the education and career path to further my knowledge in the legal system. From the services you have provided my family throughout the years, to the excellent recommendations noted in multiple articles about your firm’s success, the Legal Secretary position has caught my attention and I believe that I would make a great asset to your Offices. The inspiration that your company has given me, has taught me team unity and has shown me the keys to success in a prestige law firm like yours. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you to speak further on this position with your Law Firm. Thank you and have a great night.

Paragraph 2:
Dear Cynthia,
I have watched you grow into an intelligent and hard working woman throughout the years. You are brilliant and have the ability to perform above and beyond expectations. My boss, Joshua, looks for those traits in all of his employees and lately he is having a hard time finding the “right one” to perform to his expectations. I believe that you would be a perfect fit for his Assistant that he is trying to hire here at Bare Essentials Marketing