Laura Markham's Wrong With Strict Parenting

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As our youth is maturing into young adults, families start to set expectations for their future whether it’s based on culture, religion, or expectations. It’s important to understand the significance of our obligations to our families because of the responsibilities they had towards us as we were growing up. Although we do have obligations towards our families, possible issues develop because of how much families are expecting from their child and how the child themselves feels about the matter. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet’s obligation to her family was to obey them and do as they told her to even if she didn’t approve of their plans for her. Juliet’s parents arranged her marriage with Paris and because of this; she …show more content…
This way of parenting has made their children more academically successful and accomplished, although it may seem harsh. Also, in Laura Markham’s What’s Wrong with Strict Parenting? On parenting website, it has stated the disadvantages of strict parenting and how it could ruin the child mentally, also how it could affect their attitude. It stated that authoritative parenting could over pressure the child who could lead to depression and they could grow hatred towards school. It also declared that with this method of parenting, kids grow up and tend to be more rebellious and it could undermine the relationship between the parent and the child. Nearly all parents want their children to grow up and be successful and Chinese parents believe that with a-lot of pushing, their children could achieve their goal and make the parents proud. The family's obligations are to teach their children responsibility when it comes to school and to tell them the advantages of getting good grades like getting into a good college. They also must limit the amount of stress and pressure they put on their child because school, grades, tests, and projects are already stressful enough. The child also has to attempt to meet their parent’s expectations and get the grades expected by their families because parents must be obeyed and