Laura: United Kingdom and Mutual Restraint Essay

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The United States is the World’s oldest surviving federation. It is a constitutional republic. In the political system, the United States has adopted a "separation of powers" system of checks and balances of the system and the rights of the executive, legislative, judicial, these three basic rights by the President, Congress, and the courts were undertaken and mutual restraint in order to maintain the balance of the right structure. On the relationship between central and local implementation of federalism, federal and local has a set of relatively independent authority as follows:
President is responsible for dealing with the internal and foreign affairs of the United States; legislative power by the congress consisting of a power house (direct election by a voter house of representatives) and an upper house (By the senate of the state election). In The political party system to the implementation of the two-party system, Republicans( Economically and socially conservative, called ‘right wing’) and Democrats (More liberal on social issue,called ‘ left wing’) in charge of state power in turn.
(The merits of the political system: the powers of the President of the United States, President subject to the constraints of political parties is a small, independent, quickly make a political decision to improve governing performance. Its weaknesses are: the three major U.S. power system of mutual restraint, and to contain, resulting in the consumption of some of the institutional. President no power to dissolve Congress, can only veto a bill passed by Congress Similarly, Congress can impeach the president, the use of the veto to reject the President)

The British political system is a the typical constitutional monarchy, its main feature is the "parliamentary supremacy" that is the legislative power of the core position of the three powers.//

First, the British parliamentary democracy, reflect the the principle of parliamentary supremacy. Next, Cabinet is the core of power to making the main decision and it is composed of Minister, by the House of Commons representatives ,However, important decisions must be approved by the house of commons and house of lords that is man legislative organization, the house of commons is democratically elected in general elections. The house of lords is not…