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My Dream Job

My Dream Job Laura Bunch Everest University Online

My Dream Job My dream job is to be a paralegal. I am currently studying to become a paralegal. A paralegal works in a law firm, under a lawyer being supervised to carry out varies duties. I can definitely vision my career as a paralegal. I'm very eager to start my career. As a paralegal my work environment would consists of working closely with attorney's. My duties and responsibilities would be to conduct legal research, maintaining and organizing files, and drafting documents. Paralegals investigate the facts of a case. As a paralegal I would be working in a law firm, in a office setting where there would be attorney's and other paralegals working. All the paralegals would have their own cubicle or office space. I would spend most of my time on a computer conducting research and using a word processor to draft documents. The type of people I would see myself working with are hard working professionals. I definitely believe I would be working with a senior paralegal. More like working under a more experienced paralegal where I would be learning how to be a paralegal. I believe since I would just be starting out my career as a paralegal I would have be working under a senior paralegal, where I would be learning all the ends and out of my career duties.
My Dream Job Inconclusion, my personal