Essay Lauren: Developmental Psychology and Annalee O’hara Unit

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Annalee O’Hara
Unit 001
Communication between children aged 0-3 years and adults
.Joining in
.Social Activities
Social development is important and adults need to communicate with children because we are helping them to learn to share, joining in and other social activities for example during circle time you get all the children together in a circle and you can get a teddy and pass it on. The children will get to learn when to talk and when to listen. When they have got the teddy it’s their turn to talk but when they don’t have the teddy it’s their turn to listen. Joining in can be the same as circle time but there is more ways you can get the children to join in such as singing a song and doing all the movements to it.
It’s very important that you know the children’s emotions. By knowing this you could use communication to help talk about emotions. Get some cards with pictures of happy and sad faces and other ones, you could tell the children to pick a card and ask them what it is, then they need to try and do the face expression what is written on the card.
Videos- Children can be able to point out whether the person is sad or happy when they watch a video clip.
.Picking things up/small/big
Physical development is important and is big and small movements. Children are learning how to pick things up and learning small movements. E.g. It’s also helps them to