Laurie Monologue

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At the age of twenty-two, George finds out heartbreaking and horrible news, which George blurts out while on a date with his girlfriend, Laurie. ”My mom is very sick and always in her bedroom crying, and it is not my fault, right?” Since, it is only their fifth or sixth date, Laurie is shocked and stunned, and since they are at Dunkin Donuts, just grabbing coffee. Laurie stops midway, half thinking what did he just say, instead she asks. “What?” Meanwhile, they were just going to get a cup of coffee and head into Boston to walk around. So, this news is completely shocking.

George does not say a word, we silently walk to his car, and we get in. He opens his coffee, as do I. My mom, she is sick. “What,” Laurie says. “She has cancer. It is
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George picks Laurie up, at the train station, and he is sort of dressed up, for George at least. We head over, but Laurie asks him, if we can stop for flowers. He says, “Yeah, do you want some?” As if Laurie was going to buy herself some flowers, “no” she laughs,” for your mom.” He said, “Yeah that’s really nice, yeah we can stop.” They end up stopping at Bread and Circus, since is at the intersection on the way to George’s house. They end up spending way too much time, looking at the weird and exotic foods, the store has, and they end up getting his mother a nice bouquet of flowers. Then George and Laurie drive over to his house, as we approach, they notice that the dad is leaving, the brother is screaming. As they step in, he holds Laurie’s hand, probably, so I don’t run away. Cause, at this point, I was thinking of it, and he brings me up the staircase, into her bedroom. She is half asleep, but she sees George and she smiles, and then he asks if I can come in, He said to her, remember I told you, I’m bringing my girl over today. She tries to scoot up, but she really can’t so I tell George to sort of pick her up, so she can sit up. He listens and she is in pain, but she sort of smiles and then tells me I can sit on the bed with her and George. And she just says it’s nice to meet you, Georgie told me a lot about …show more content…
He says we can go to his room and hang out, but I say no, why we don’t just go into the living room, and watch TV or something. But, I make his mother a cup of tea, before we do. The brother who is a complete lunatic is yelling at George and Greek and he just keeps on looking at me, so I’m assuming it’s about me. George tells me it isn’t later, but I’m not so sure. Cause George is polite enough to say that just so you don’t get mad too. They are arguing and I ask them to stop, because it’s sort of clear that she is in a lot of pain, and then I ask George if she has any medication, and he looks at me, and says sort of, I say what do you mean? Does she have anything to help her get comfortable? Tom literally says, we don’t use drugs in this house, and I’m literally standing there thinking the woman is dying, can you not spare her some pills? The brother is annoyed and tells me and George to go into his bedroom, which we do, but I feel weird, because I’m not really used to hanging out in guys rooms, especially with his mother home. But, he shows me his stuff, and his clothes, and he is sort of embarrassed because it’s sort of a mess. But, we just end up listening to music and hearing Tom yell. After about an hour, George says are you ready, I say yes, and I go to say goodbye to his mom. Who is still obviously in lots of pain, and I make her drink some tea. And she tells me take care of my boy, I smile and say