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Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

By: Kimberly Howard
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Chemistry 1st Block

Ms. Davidson

January 24th, 2014 Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, was born August 13th, 1743 in Paris, France. When Lavoisier’s mother died, he became very wealthy and inherited a large family fortune at age five. Being the son of an attorney of the Parliament of Paris, he was bound to enter law school. Before he could even think about the school of law, he began his schooling at College Mazarin at age eleven, where he dedicated his focus to mathematics. At the College Mazarin, he met his guardian, Abbe Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. De Lacaille is the reason for his love of meteorology and mathematics.

Lavoisier was appointed to the National gunpowder Commission in 1775 and then continued after that he moved to Arsenal of Paris where there he created an extraordinary laboratory for this growing theory. In addition to this he was able to afford able to afford everything because of such incredible inherited wealth. His new home, that he created, was so famous and quickly became a place where scientists and freethinkers, which is a person that rejects opinions, could gather there and talk any time they really wanted to and that had ideas they wanted to share and agree on.

When Lavoisier was in college he started to learn about a lot of things and he started studying with some of Frances most distinguished scientists in fields from astronomy, mathematics, geology, botany, and chemistry. When he got out of Marazin College he actually accomplished a lot of things like disapproving the phlogistic theory and he actually dispelled the notion that earth could be created by water. People actually started to believe him when he started making these theories so he had to prove them right. But as the years went on things like those kept happening and happening and his discoveries kept getting crazier. Lavoisier was well known for his experimental skills. The HgO into Hg+O experiment resulted in him finding the Law of Conservation. This law says that matter cannot be made or destroyed. Also, in this experiment Lavoisier indicated that matter may be rearranged but not disappear. Other exceptional achievements that he has achieved are introducing the metric system, innovating analytical calculations in chemistry, classifying Hydrogen and Oxygen, investigating combustion and the law of conservation of mass, and other things.
Lavoisier started functioning on such processes as combustion, respiration and therefore the oxidization or chemical reaction of metals in 1772. His important analyses helped get rid of the recent existing theories that forbidden absurd combustion principal referred to as substance. He gave trendy explanations to those processes. His ideas regarding the character of acids, bases and salts were additional logical and organized.

His revolutionary approaches helped several chemists to notice the basic processes of science and implement the methodology. This tested to be the turning purpose in scientific and industrial chemistry. Because of his approaches, the Government