Essay on Law 531 Week 2 Threats

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Law 531
Week two

Law 531 Week Two Threats.

The contract is agreement between two parties they find they have some to exchange; the power and commitment between two parties enforcement by the court, The contract have many legal details to be discussed by lawyer or expert. The contract administration, focus on the requirement for the services the company have to get when they sign a contract for new service or to get new products. In field like software consultant it is very complicated and different detailed need to focus on contract to be discussed before to sign any paper. The orientation, communication form and conference can be helpful to create good and detailed contract, all this method help the offeror and offeree to
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A vendor, for instance, could have the right to sell computer equipment to state agencies for a specified list of prices for a five year period under a term contract.
Some term contracts have rolling enrollment – it's possible to qualify as a vendor at any time. Others have set enrollment periods, after which it's impossible to qualify until the contract is open for re-competition.

What do you think were some of the considerations by the parties involved in forming this contract?
The IT field many responsibility need to be include in the contract, with good contract the both parties know their responsibility for example, in case the software was crashed who responsible and who will charge for install, and renew license charge it fixed price or it change from year to year. The detailed in the contract save money and time both parties in case any emergency will happen.

In case any breach happen in the contract for the IT software field, in case the company was late to fix the software they the it company can be charged a penalty for it, and in the other side if the company wasn’t making daily backup to the software data the IT company will not be responsible for the losing the data and will not charge any penalty in case of software crashed. Both side need to know the contract detailed to avoid any kind of argument between them. potential resolutions for the breach can be different from management to management, the management can see the company was good in