The Aurora Movie Theater And The Sandyhook Shootings

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It is very clear that what happen at the Aurora movie theater and the Sandyhook shootings has left the nation very concerned with the laws of gun controls and the safety of our children and love ones. It is the topic about mostly every news channel, in my article it talks about everything what Congress should do and what the amendments should be and about legislations are doing. In the article that I read is mostly concern about the safety and laws about gun control and not the politics. Do we believe that this should be a federal situation or should are own states hand this. In the article it says very clearly that there are at least 1,000 bills pending in the nation’s state legislatures and that gun and violence is on the top of the agenda.
On January 21, Mississippi lawmakers introduced a dozen proposals and all of the proposals failed mostly through committees. I ask myself if Mississippi proposals failed what says that about every other state. States took it to their own hands for example New York introduces a law that prohibits mentally ill the right to own a gun and the assault of a weapon ban. Even here are home state California lawmakers are proposing measurements and expand the categories of high risk suggesting that people who cannot legally purchase or possess firearms this is including repeat drug and drunk driving offenders and those who violated domestic violence. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s a Democratic congresswoman who was shot in the back in Arizona in January 2011, very puts her suggestions and the importance of background checks and limits the size of ammunition magazines put.
Some people are accusing President Obama of putting the children of Sandyhook as human shields and taken their rights to own a law these people who say that they follow the law and why should they be punish for the mistake of