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Caring for patient as nurses come with passion but above all principles like autonomy, justice, beneficence non maleficence play a core part in the guidance towards the best care given to the patients. All this had to be put in place because the patients have no choice but to trust that the carers and the health practitioners do their best in their line of work. It is the least of their expectation if their care is compromised with exposure to nurses’ ability being deemed by abuse of substances example drugs or even alcoholism, physical or more so mental disabilities. The education institutions have a certified regulation to ensure that they are able to fully identify the student’s problem academically and also in the clinical programmes so as to work with the student by intervening with the impairments and the best way forward for the student. The students have a role to play by ensuring the patient care and safety are met either by withdrawing from the care or working as expected, so do the education institutions have duty to withdraw the student if their judgement is impaired so as not to jeopardize the patient safety and care. Below is a discussion on the expectation and responsibility of both the students of nursing and the education institutions on the issue in the case of the student having physical, mental and health disability. It also talk over on the situation of students having unlawful records, and the different compulsory registration standards for an individual to be a registered nurse.
Responsibility of Impaired students and the learning Institutions.
Disability can be defined in many ways but in the Health practitioners regulation National Law Act 2009 (Queensland) section 5 Disability is any physical, mental, or a disorder that include abuse of substances and the dependence on the substance leading to major effect affecting the capability of an individual on their nursing practice (McIlwraith & Madden 2014). Every student enrolled in nursing school are registered by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency in the best interest of the public