Law and Medical Marijuana Essay

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Karen Neiman
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Professor Berardi
Feburary 27, 2015

Should Marijuana be legalized?
Marijuana is the most used out of all illegal substances in the United States, and for that matter around the world; this is what seems to be in every article that I’ve read about legalizing marijuana. Is marijuana useful in reducing pain? Are other therapies equally effective? In this report I am going to write about the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana.
Greenwell, G. T. (2012). Medical marijuana use for chronic pain: risks and benefits. Journal Of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, 26, (1) 68-69.
This article talks about the how the Marijuana works to exert its pain relieving effects on certain sites in the brain and spinal nerves also mentions that there have been several scientific studies done that suggest marijuana may reduce pain from certain kinds of conditions. Included among these types of conditions is cancer pain, multiple sclerosis, and generalized nerve pain. It also talks about the number of harmful and potentially dangerous side effects. Physical symptoms include increased heart rate and fluctuations in blood pressure and anxiety. Cannabis is also known as a substance with a high potential for dependence (Greenwell, G.T. 2012) Greenwell’s work is an important source material for my paper because he offers insightful points that can show the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana.
Bishop, Roger. (2011). Clearance to use medical marijuana is not clearance to drive while using it. Las Vegas Business Press (10712186); 4/4/2011, Vol. 28 (14), pP27
This article focuses on the legal issues of workers that use medical marijuana while working as well as the laws in Nevada. In Nevada medical marijuana is not permissible to drive under the influence, although Nevadans are registered to use it, they can only have a certain amount legally in their system. (Bishop, R. 2011) It talks about the laws of driving while under the influence of medical marijuana and the dangers it can cause just like any other medication that could cause dizziness or sleepiness. Although Nevada has passed legislation making medical marijuana legal there are still restrictions. Bishops article is important to my paper because he is showing the importance of legalizing medical marijuana as well as shows how important it is to work out all the laws in the people that do benefit from it can get back to work, and it’s not only important to show the benefits for the pain it’s also important to show all the law breakdowns as well.
Medical marijuana: 10 Health benefits that legitimize legalization, (2012, August 8)
In this article you will read about how many people have died from prescription drugs each year, however, there are no…