Law and New Nation Essay

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My Declaration of Independence In this new nation, the unnecessary laws are not to be made and the main priority is based on the individual rights for the people. The new nation well gives the rights to the citizens, and the citizens well have the rights to watch the government. Everyone shall be treated equal no matter what class you’re in. All punishment are necessary if you violated the law and should only base on your crime. Money shall not be used on war it shall be used on the community to improve the society. All citizens have freedom more then security but when they violated the law security become necessary. In the United State part of the government has abuse their authority. The citizens aren’t getting their basic needs and the government is not doing much about it. Brutal punishments are being used with no reason. Money is being use for war more then the community. The government is not making a different in the community by letting out prisoners without security. A part of the government is corrupt. For instant police officer are abusing their authority and taking advantage of it just, because they have there badge and guns.
There’s a lot of homeless that don’t get the help they need, or provide a second chance to make a different in their life. Homeless population had been increase by 6% from the pervious year (
Punishment and fines are not based on their crime. Justice for victim is usually mean punishment for the perpetrator, and rehabilitation. The system support getting justice for the victim would include the death penalty, to prevent the possibility of rehabilitation, and life sentences without the possibility of parole, for the same reason. (
More Than 53% of Your Tax Payment Goes to the Military ( The percentage of the money goes to war is too high.
52 percent of released prisoners return to prison (

In the new nation government well have their power, but citizen well have as much power as the government. The government has the right to watch over the citizens; the citizens have the rights to watch over the government if necessary, to prevent corruption and the abusing of their authority to keep the society far and pleasant around the community. There’s no such thing as rich