Law And Order: Special Victims Unit

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“Law and order: Special Victims Unit Season 8 Ep.1 Informed” begins with a young woman named Haley Kerns who enters a hospital seeking help after being brutally raped. In attempt to help Haley, Detective Benson asks her questions relating to the rape. Haley’s hair was shaved down and three open wounds were on her head as well. Detective Benson asked her to do the rape kit but Haley refused and rejected Benson’s help in all ways. Benson then later showed up at Haley’s place to investigate. Though she was rejected again, she took Haley’s panties that were from the rape. Benson’s evidence wasn’t approved by her superiors because Haley didn’t consent for the underwear to be tested. Benson didn’t know that Haley is the FBI’s confidential informant on an eco terrorism group called EDG. EDG stands for Earth Defense Group. They stand against many things like animal testing, pesticides, and hormones in food. They feel that their voicing for the Earth. Their method of speaking out has escalated to terrorist behavior. Though, they have a cause, they have to be tried for the crime they are committing. Several attacks were completed by the EDG group. The FBI had several charges against this group. They have a voice but individually are anonymous. That makes them hard to find and track down to apprehend them for their crimes. Attacks like August, 2003 an arson spree occurred in Chicago against Sport Utility vehicles, otherwise known as SUV’s. The damages came up to 2.5 million dollars. In NJ 2005, the homes of employees from a pharmaceutical company were vandalized. EDG was also responsible for the burning of new constructions of homes in L.I., NY. They threatened with a warning saying that if the houses were built, they would also be burned down. Haley Kerns was dating a member of EDG, who was also an informant for the FBI, to make amends for ratting out her drug dealing ex-boyfriend. She was able to stay free if she became a member of the group to get insight onto what the group talks about since they’re a violent group of people. When blended together, Haley and EDG are a culture. They have a way of life that they abide to. They meet regularly to encourage and reinforce their methods and plans. They live life trying to do things better for everything on Earth. Most of them are vegans. They want the world to see what they see and live the way they do as well. They feel culturally centric. To them there is no other option to speak out the way they do. They want action to appease their demands as consumers on Earth. When we look at the law enforcement’s point of view, as a culture, they see a battered, raped woman and their attempts are to help her and save her from being hurt again by the same persons. Once the victim doesn’t want to comply with the police, the police are supposed to let them go. When the media gets stories like the ending of this episode, people say things like, “the police killed an innocent protestor who was just defending her beliefs.” That’s usually when all the facts are kept out. Just in this case alone you can see what causes these negative feelings from protestors. The police and the FBI are only trying to keep people safe no matter what they’ve done. In the United States, there are regulated nutrition tables that may not be beneficial for everyone. Mass produced meats, poultry, and pork contain harmful ingredients. Most people do not acknowledge them as much as they should. As a culture in the United States, we enjoy our hot dogs, burgers, ribs, and steaks, on hot summer days in a BBQ, or on the beach. As a culture in NYC, we eat burgers almost every day because there is always a fast food restaurant in every corner. They’re so easily accessible, though they are so harmful. In the case from the “Law and Order: SVU Episode”, the girlfriend of the dangerous and violent protestor named Mitchell owns a greenhouse that produces organic tomatoes, carrots and other green vegetables. That is the way that