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1. If a Federal Act of Parliament does not mention its date of commencement, it will commence:
28 days after receiving the Royal Assent of the Governor General. 2. Australia was initially regarded terra nullius at the time of British settlement, which means:
'Land belonging to no-one'. 3. Procedural justice is concerned with:
A fair hearing or trial 4. The head of state of the Commonwealth of Australia and of the various States and Territories is the:
King or Queen of England 5. An amendment to the Australian Constitution requires:
1 A simple majority of votes in both Houses of Parliament.
2 An absolute majority of votes in both Houses of Parliament.
3 A majority of votes by citizens and by States.
4 A simple majority of votes in one of the Houses of Parliament.
2 and 3 6. The power to make law relating to the imposition of customs and excise duties can only be exercised by:
The federal parliment 7. The Federal Parliament of Australia includes:
House and reps and senate 8. The Australian Constitution regulates the relationship between:
The Federal government and the various State and Territory governments. 9. Despite the doctrine of separation of powers, the three arms of government in Australia and in many other democracies are not strictly separate because:
Members of the executive are also members of the legislature 10. Legislative power is the power to:
Make the law 11. Citizens who have complaints about the administrative actions of a government body may approach the:
12. The power to make laws regulating taxation can be exercised by:
Both federal and state parliments 13. The power to make law at the Federal level of government is vested in:
The federal…